Body language - train the trainers program


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  Master program
  32 video lessons
  Video lessons total length: 6h
  1 consolidation instruments
  29 evaluation instruments
  24 PDF's
  Access: for life
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  Last update: 05/12/2021
  IACPS trainer accreditation certificate

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Become a Body Language Trainer


Being a trainer in the field of nonverbal communication, in the body language is more than a challenge, it is a responsibility that deserves to be taken seriously.

An area that is so fascinating, captivating, complex needs fascinating people precisely to stand for it effectively. You can do that! We teach you how to discover your best aptitudinal version and help you develop the skills you need to become an excellent trainer.


Who can be a body language trainer?


If you are a graduate in psychology, education sciences, psycho-pedagogy, sociology, communications sciences or related fields, you can become a nonverbal communication trainer.

Body language - train the trainers program


What do I get after completing the body language training program?


After completing the training process and taking the final evaluation, you get the trainer accreditation certificate from the International Association of Psychology of Communication.

See what the course "Body language - train the trainers program" has to offer


What does the training program offer?


Body language - train the trainers program, meets all the informational and didactic needs of the future trainer. Its structure includes:


I. The specialized training section containing:


II. IACPS assessment


III. Materials needed for further development of the training activity:


IV. Optionally, IACPS accreditation through:


The advantages of Aidoma training:


We are here for you, every step to take, namely:


To find out details on: the selection process, admission, training fee and rate plans,
training contract, course organization mode, IACPS evaluation, trainer accreditation,
and register.



Body language - train the trainers program

The brain – governor of the gestures

Lesson 2
Duration: 7 min

Psycho-anatomic meanings

Lesson 3
Duration: 10 min

The look and intention mirroring

Lesson 8
Duration: 13 min

Arms – expression of freedom

Lesson 9
Duration: 18 min

Arms gestures – decision and assumption

Lesson 12
Duration: 14 min

Hands movements – charisma and contempt

Lesson 13
Duration: 11 min

Affective hands – cognitive hands

Lesson 15
Duration: 12 min

Traitor hands – protective hands

Lesson 16
Duration: 17 min

Finger movement

Lesson 17
Duration: 11 min

Finger movement – I matter!

Lesson 20
Duration: 12 min

Legs movement – expressing honesty

Lesson 23
Duration: 11 min

Legs movement - respect or submission

Lesson 26
Duration: 8 min

The Distances Between Partners

Lesson 28
Duration: 14 min


Lesson 29
Duration: 13 min

Walking - Interpretation Variables

Lesson 30
Duration: 5 min



Shortly after graduation, I laid the foundations of Zece Plus, with a lot of enthusiasm, courage and a little madness, which 2 years later became one of the most important professional training schools of excellence in Romania. Over 30.000 graduates have in their portfolio at least one certificate issued by the Ministry of Education and Research with the help of Zece Plus and I hope that they have also kept the experience of qualitative training, according to their expectations.


14 years later, I laid the foundations of Aidoma project on the solid and fertile ground prepared by Zece Plus, an innovative school in which psycho-education is the sure way to guide anyone from personal knowledge to personal development and perfection.

School of excellence


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