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  Last update: 05/05/2024
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Combating insomnia


The quality of sleep directly reflects the quality of mental life. Insomnia involves an alteration in the quality of sleep with significant effects on the quality of a person's life, by disturbing mental balance. Insomnia means illness, impairment, risk to the person's integrity, health and even survival.


Worrying, destabilizing thoughts, negative emotions and the behaviours through which all of these manifest themselves significantly affect the activity of the brain as well as its functional part, the mind, insomnia being a direct consequence. Fighting insomnia involves initiating a change, replacing one state with another, as well as the behaviours, beliefs, and thoughts behind it. You, I and most people resist in the face of change. The therapeutic program aims to eliminate this resistance and achieve change by applying simple, accessible, effective strategies.

Allow yourself to make change possible!


Description of the psychotherapeutic program


The Insomnia psychotherapeutic program aims to combat this disorder by applying psychotherapeutic intervention strategies under the guidance of a psychotherapist. The strategies are simple, easy to put into practice, and their effectiveness has been proven in multiple applications in psychotherapy clinics.


Feeling tired from the early hours of the morning? Low energy levels? Does tiredness easily turn into exhaustion, or overwhelm? Do you find it hard to concentrate, but get easily annoyed? Do you feel the constant need to rest, to sleep, but fail to do so, creating frustration and distress? Does your condition affect those around you? If the answer to all these questions is YES, change is necessary and intervention is vital. This psychotherapeutic program is an alternative to individual psychotherapy, facilitating change, and carrying out, step by step, a therapeutic intervention to combat insomnia and all its effects.



The content of this program is not new in therapeutic practice, having been routinized for many years by various psychotherapists using different strategies. The novelty of this program lies in the fact that it is implemented in digital format, without losing its therapeutic value, and is accessible to anyone aware that their life, well-being, efficiency at work, and quality of relationships are affected by insomnia, and allows themselves to be well by facing this problem.


You CAN fight insomnia!

You DESERVE to consistently enjoy restful sleep!

See what the program "Insomnia" has to offer


Organization mode


The Insomnia psychotherapeutic program contains a series of video sessions, built on the principles of transformative learning and techniques from cognitive-behavioural therapy. The way they are constructed helps you feel the presence of the psychotherapist, who guides you step by step, in the comfort of your home, at any time of the day.


The sessions are supported by a therapeutic protocol, which I invite you to download and follow constantly until insomnia disappears and restful sleep takes its place. The protocol recommends which sessions to follow each day, which strategies to apply, and how to bring about change gradually, limiting your resistance to change and maximising your chances of success.



An important aspect is to identify the potential causes of insomnia, which can be caused by other psycho-affective disorders such as depression, anxiety, and stress, but also changes in brain chemistry through certain behaviours. Therapeutic sessions are also accompanied by a series of simple and easy-to-apply therapeutic tools designed to make change possible with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness.


Access to the psychotherapy programme is easy. It involves creating an account on this platform, (, validating the account from your email address and purchasing the Insomnia program. From the moment of purchase, you have access to this therapeutic program 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, from any device.




Duration: 8 min

Therapeutic plan

Duration: 10 min

Identifying the causes of insomnia

Duration: 11 min

Removing resistance

Duration: 8 min

Sleep-wake rhythm

Duration: 14 min

Clear your mind

Duration: 10 min

Relaxarea minții

Duration: 14 min

Temporal projection

Duration: 11 min

Releasing emotions

Duration: 7 min

Feeding the mind

Duration: 10 min

Healthy behaviours

Duration: 8 min

Decreasing the force of negative thinking

Duration: 7 min

Relaxare dirijată

Duration: 14 min

Relaxare dirijată- fundal sonor valuri

Duration: 14 min

Relaxare dirijată- fundal sonor pian

Duration: 14 min

Psychologist Mioara ȚÂRULESCU


I'm Mioara Țârulescu and I will accompany you during this program, specially designed to combat insomnia. I am a psychopedagogue, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist certified by the College of Psychologists and all the skills associated with these qualities, the knowledge and experience gained in 21 years of practice have helped me to design psychoeducation programs, as well as psychotherapeutic programs.


In my psychotherapy practice, I frequently work with people suffering from depression, and anxiety, in all its forms, situational or post-traumatic stress. There is a common element regardless of the client and the disorder I am intervening on: significant sleep disturbances with a direct impact on the person's quality of life. Practice has shown me that it is useful to address these disturbances as a priority.


Insomnia is the most common disturbance. To make my work more efficient, over time I have created a therapeutic protocol to combat insomnia, coupled with a set of sleep hygiene recommendations. I applied it on one client, improved it, applied it on another client and after several hundred applications and just as many positive results, I decided to build this therapeutic program to help all insomnia sufferers.