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Based on the principle "minimum effort, maximum efficiency", Aidoma is an easy instrument for all those who want to make from this principle more than a desideratum, a way of life. The relational component is the one that can guarantee efficiency or multiple, exhausting syncope, either we are teachers, psychologists, journalists, magistrates, managers, politicians etc. Aidoma, as a training instrument, can leave a decisive impression on the relational component, contributing to its completion.


Any professional beginning is fearful, hesitant, but fuelled by the hope to succeed, to prove that we deserve to be part of our professional order, to emphasise ourselves in it. Aidoma is the ally that does not look suspiciously at us, that does not treat us with superiority reminding to us that "we do not have years of life as many as others have years of experience!", that does not throw us in an imaginary line where we wait our turn for affirmation. Aidoma is our ally to success!

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In the view of Aidoma, evolutionists are those who, regardless of the social status, training level, age, level of professional achievement, understand that one can always do "better", "easier", "more". Aidoma exists for them, it accomplishes itself through them, passing from a simple learning - training instrument, to part of someone's evolution.


When we radically decide "no more loneliness" or "it can work better for me", when we want to become from victim - a winner, from an anonymous - a human that matters, Aidoma becomes the partner, guide, supporter of our changes.

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