Attend scientifically validated courses, accredited by the International Association of Communication Psychology and Psychoeducation.

Get a professional certificate or IACPS accreditation to have your skills recognized internationally.

The Aidoma Institute is just a click away from you, your needs, and the issues that affect your life right now. Solutions are brought to you through psychotherapeutic, self-help, psychoeducation, and training programs, all aimed at gaining, regaining, or maintaining mental health.


Specialists in psychotherapy, psychoeducation, and clinical psychology, with thousands of hours of practice in psychology practices and training rooms, accompany you in the process of healing, change, and personal and professional development.



Overcome insomnia, enjoy a restful sleep, and reclaim your life! We provide you with comprehensive information about insomnia, the expertise of specialists who study and treat insomnia, and various ways of therapeutic intervention, i.e. individual or group, physical or online psychotherapy, self-help or psychoeducation programs.


Self-help programs are aimed at broad processes of change, healing, gaining or regaining well-being by establishing and maintaining mental health. All under the guidance of a psychotherapist, a specialist in integrative cognitive, emotional, and behavioral self-regulation therapies.


Psychoeducation programs facilitate real processes of personal transformation, starting from the knowledge of the functioning of the brain, and the human psyche, with a direct impact on self-knowledge. When we know ourselves, we are in control of our lives and our relationships!


We support psychoeducation programs, group psychotherapies, and therapeutic camps, respectively training programs and specialization camps, centered around specific psychological suffering and needs, intending to eliminate suffering and satisfy the needs.


Complete and complex nonverbal communication courses that teach you to consciously use the language of the unconscious. Know the nonverbal language and effectively manage what happens inside and outside you!