Confidentiality Policy

General aspects website is owned and operated by Aidoma Ped, hereinafter generically called Aidoma Ped. website is designed and used so that it protects your right to privacy and does affect in a negative manner your personal life, in accordance with the Confidentiality policy adopted by Aidoma Ped, both concerning the collection of your identification information, as well as concerning these information use and storage.

For this purpose, Aidoma Ped guarantees that it shall make all necessary efforts in order to ensure the security of all the personal data you provide, as well as the fact that these data are used exclusively for the purposes they were provided. Aidoma Ped shall not collect other information related to you and shall not transfer the collected data to third parties, without your prior consent.

According to the legislation on the protection of persons, the personal data processing and the free circulation of these data, Aidoma Ped has the obligation to administer in safe conditions and only for the mentioned purposes, the personal data which you provide about yourself. The purpose of data collection is to confirm the orders.

You have the obligation to provide the data, they are necessary to process the orders. Your refuse determines the impossibility to complete the orders. The registered information is exclusively intended to be used by operator. If you want to receive information on the products, services or events provided or organised by Aidoma Ped, your consent is necessary.

You have the right to access, intervene on the data, the right of not being subject to an individual decision and the right to address to justice. At the same time, you have the right to be against the processing of personal data which concern you and to ask the data deletion. In order to exercise these rights, you can address a written request, dated and signed, to Aidoma Ped.

If some of the data about you are incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible. This Confidential policy is a supplement to any other terms and conditions applicable in relation to Aidoma Ped, such as the Terms and conditions for the consumers. Accessing and registering a user account, even without requesting the provision of the services offered by Aidoma Ped, is equivalent with your unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Confidentiality policy. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please stop accessing the website.

Information collected by Aidoma Ped

All information concerning yourself, as user of, are voluntarily communicated by you within the procedures of subscribing to the newsletter and/or user account registration, as well as by contracting certain services and/or products promoted by Aidoma Ped.

The user accessing has the possibility to subscribe to daily notifications on the Aidoma Ped services, sent by e-mail to all users subscribed to this service.

The next step following subscription is to create an account, by setting a unique password and communicating the identification data of the user, namely surname, fist name, gender, domicile, e-mail address, telephone and date of birth. Also, there is the possibility to use the Facebook Login function, where these data are taken through the Facebook platform, with the explicit and prior consent of the user.

During the registration process, Aidoma Ped shall identify also the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the user. The IP address is a number assigned to each computer accessing the internet. This information can be used by Aidoma Ped to identify during a session the geographical location of the user when accessing, in order to send him/her the newsletter associated with the respective geographical area.

Following the registration, when requesting certain services, the user shall provide also the personal banking data, necessary exclusively to pay for the products. Aidoma Ped undertakes to use the personal data only for the services provision and/or goods supply.

Disclosure and transmission of personal data

Aidoma Ped shall not transmit (by sale or lease) to third parties your personal data.

However, Aidoma Ped can transmit personal data collected from you to third parties and it is not liable for transmitting your data to third parties in the following situations:

  • If the transmission was made with your agreement;
  • If the information transmission is necessary in order to provide the products and services you requested;
  • If the personal data which are voluntarily provided during discussion sessions (chat), electronic messages exchange, discussion forums, comments or other similar, carried out in this website could be used by third parties in order to generate/send unrequested messages;
  • If the information is necessary in order to improve or ease some services or products you requested.
  • We can transmit personal information to public authorities or institutions according to the legal provisions or good faith if:
    • It is provided by a legal provision;
    • It protects the rights of Aidoma Ped company or of the partner companies;
    • It comes from an offence or protects national security;
    • It protects the individual or public security;
    • The information is necessary in order to solve certain situations.
  • If your activities come into conflict with the terms and conditions stated by Aidoma Ped, or the instructions for the use of certain products and services;
  • If Aidoma Ped merges or is totally or partially acquired by another company and the database is transferred to the new operator.
  • If Aidoma Ped becomes insolvent, voluntarily or involuntarily, through the liquidator, administrator or buyer, the database can be sold, authorised and traded only with the agreement of the court.

If the above mentioned situations occur, you shall be notified by e-mail or by a notification posted on the website.

In certain situations, Aidoma Ped can automatically collect (so not by voluntary registration) technical information, not the user identification data, when accessing a website of Aidoma Ped. This type of technical information can be, without limitation to: the Internet browser used, the operating system of the personal computer, used by the user or the name of the domain or the domain host from where the user connected to Aidoma Ped websites.


A cookie is an information placed on the computer of a user in order to identify information on that user. Aidoma Ped together with its partners uses cookies in order to provide you a navigation as fluid as possible on the website and in order to trace/memorise visitor preferences, for statistical purposes, in order to inform, optimize and disseminate advertisements/commercials depending on the previous visits made by a user on the website.

Users have the option to set the browser so that it rejects cookies, click here to deactivate them.

But pay attention, deactivating cookies shall have a negative impact on the navigation on our website, for example you will not be able to view certain images/access certain options/facilities.

Security and keeping

The personal date which we hold shall be kept in adequate security conditions, in our computer systems, in order to prevent any unauthorised accessing, modifications or disclosures of them. Aidoma Ped policy on data security implies both specific procedures for data collection, storage and processing, as well as adequate measures of encryption and physical security measures, designed to provide protection against unauthorised access to the systems on which we store personal data. We keep these data for a period of time up to 3 years from our last access or use, subsequently are to be erased. Concerning the information sent between website and users, although we take reasonable cautions in order to protect this information, unauthorised access to this information from third parties or negligent disclosure of this information during transit is possible. Users accept this risk when communicating on

Modifications of the Confidentiality policy herein

It is possible that, from time to time, we modify, totally or partially, the Confidentiality policy, on our own discretion. Any modifications brought to the Confidentiality policy herein shall enter into force immediately when the reviewed policy is posted on the website. Depending on the type of the modification, we shall notify the modification on, or by e-mail, if we have your e-mail address. Nevertheless, in any case, by further use of after making any modification, it shall be deemed that you agreed the respective modifications. If you do not agree the terms of the Confidentiality policy herein, as modified from time to time, totally or partially, you have to stop using .