Body Language – Gesture Interpretation


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  Master program
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  Last update: 05/09/2020
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Course description


Are there situations when you really want to know what the person standing in front of you is thinking!? Do you experience situations when it is vital to anticipate the reactions of the person standing in front of you and to react according to his expectations!? Do you, sometimes, have the impression that your efforts, your potential, your decisions are underestimated!? By controlling the science of Gesture interpretation, you control all these situations!

The course Body language - Gesture interpretation was designed in order to ease access for all to a complex information, well scientifically based, focusing both on the quality of the information, as well as on the manner in which it is transmitted.

This is the course which can help you become a human scanner without making a tireless memory effort, appealing to a gesture, secrets and tricks dictionary, but being prepared to interpret gestures, understanding their manner of generation, the personality uniqueness of the person behind the gestures, the uniqueness of the context, the impact of the socio-cultural.

Through its platform, Aidoma offers you the interactive course Body language - Gesture interpretation or the Science to transform "I see gestures" in "I control, I change, I win, I evolve, understanding the man behind the gestures".


We manage to:


Body Language – Gesture Interpretation

Organization manner


Lessons are interactive, the student is an active and involved partner.

We aim on transmitting a complex content, scientifically supported, in an accessible manner, to valorise the visual, auditory, kinesthetic learning .
Main method for transmitting the content: graphic exemplification. Any information is supported by relevant graphic examples, which facilitate understanding and skills building.


To whom it is addressed?


To those who want to improve the efficiency of their communication manner.
To those who want to improve their personal relations.
To those who want to increase their professional performances.

See what the course "Body Language – Gesture Interpretation" has to offer


It is useful to:



Those who want to meet the following superior needs:



The lessons can be accessed on any type of device.

The course can be accessed by a student on a number of maximum 2 devices.


Body Language – Gesture Interpretation

The brain – governor of the gestures

Lesson 2
Duration: 7 min

Psycho-anatomic meanings

Lesson 3
Duration: 10 min

The look and intention mirroring

Lesson 7
Duration: 13 min

Arms – expression of freedom

Lesson 8
Duration: 18 min

Arms gestures – decision and assumption

Lesson 10
Duration: 14 min

Hands movements – charisma and contempt

Lesson 11
Duration: 11 min

Affective hands – cognitive hands

Lesson 14
Duration: 12 min

Traitor hands – protective hands

Lesson 15
Duration: 17 min

Finger movement

Lesson 16
Duration: 11 min

Finger movement – I matter!

Lesson 19
Duration: 12 min

Legs movement – expressing honesty

Lesson 23
Duration: 11 min

Legs movement - respect or submission

Lesson 26
Duration: 8 min

Walking - Interpretation Variables

Lesson 27
Duration: 5 min


Lesson 30
Duration: 13 min

The Distances Between Partners

Lesson 31
Duration: 14 min


Lesson 32
Duration: 8 min



Shortly after graduation, I laid the foundations of Zece Plus, with a lot of enthusiasm, courage and a little madness, which 2 years later became one of the most important professional training schools of excellence in Romania. Over 30.000 graduates have in their portfolio at least one certificate issued by the Ministry of Education and Research with the help of Zece Plus and I hope that they have also kept the experience of qualitative training, according to their expectations.


14 years later, I laid the foundations of Aidoma project on the solid and fertile ground prepared by Zece Plus, an innovative school in which psycho-education is the sure way to guide anyone from personal knowledge to personal development and perfection.

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