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You can reset the world with the power of your mind!


We are complex beings, with needs and aspirations, with projections and desires, and we are all driven on our path by the hope of becoming the best version of ourselves. This desire is the guarantor of a state of balance and fulfilment and an indicator of the degree of happiness.


We want "to be well" and to access this state, we must create the necessary premises. Exploring and understanding the area of personal development is crucial in creating these premises.


Because I know that you can reset the world with the power of your mind, I will help you get to that point where you realize for yourself that you have become: a captivating, influential, successful person.



Aidoma is the most complex project I ever conceived, in which I invested thousands of hours of work, hopes and dreams. It’s my way of finding my place in this world, of giving a sense to my own existence. I think it’s my first deed of real courage, to have a dream, an idea, to give up the rest and make this idea come true.


Now I’m ready to share this reality with you, to make you a part of it. Through Aidoma, I want to plant in you the seed of the passion for the most important form of discovery: discovering yourself and discovering the others!


About myself, as a human being...


I was born, grew up, educated, evolved in a world where success was presented as a guarantee for others. I was not born with a star on my forehead, although I would have liked that, nor could I call myself lucky, because I do not believe in Luck, but genetics or God have given me some qualities, strong enough to allow me to start to build myself, little by little.


If I have to say a word that defines me, I say without hesitation: ambition. There is no such thing as "I can not," and that's what I have in mind all the time. Obstacles are necessary challenges that help me to get to know me better and to make the most of it, and the harder it gets, the more it stimulates me.


I am a balanced person, but I allow myself the freedom to not go by the rule sometimes, otherwise I do not think I would taste life at the fullest. I would not know how to enjoy a moment or a good event at the very best, if I did not live even less good moments, I would not know to appreciate a wonderful person, if I did not meet shabby souls and twisted minds as well, I would not know to enjoy peace, if I did not throw myself in the storm sometimes. So, I'm not perfect and I'm not aspiring to that! But I'm convinced that tomorrow I can be a little better, wiser than today!


I think I found the recipe of personal and professional fulfillment, because that's what I wanted. I do not call it the recipe of success, because success, as I see it, may seem small in the eyes of someone or intangible in the eyes of others. But I feel, enjoy and keep the state of fulfillment, satisfaction. If I have succeeded and I strongly believe in leading by example, you can also succeed, if that's what you want, especially because ... it is not at all difficult!

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Expertise in psychoeducation


I am a graduate of the “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iași and I attended the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, obtaining the title of psychopedagogue. I graduated the postgraduate studies at the same university, obtaining expertise in the field of intercultural education and communication psychology. I completed my university studies at the Transylvania University of Brașov, attending the courses of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and specializing in Psychology.


Beyond the formal titles, the qualifications obtained, the competences acquired and practised from the day of graduating from the first faculty until now, I was constantly accompanied by a passion for psychology, education and I laid the bases of the career in the education of the psyche from their combination.

Expertise in personal development


I completed my academic training through improvement and specialization programs, namely:

  •   Trainer
  •   Advisor-mediator
  •   Mentor
  •   Educational expert
  •   Personal development advisor

The training in the field of Integrative Psychotherapy helped me to transform the education of the psyche into a complex and complete therapeutic process. All my courses are sprinkled with elements of clinical hypnosis, gestalt therapy, relational body psychotherapy, psychosomatics and transactional analysis.


Identifying universal variables in interpreting gestures and establishing a universal gestural interpretation scheme

The influence of temperament on the way people walk

Identifying the variables that determine the distance between partners in nonverbal communication



Shortly after graduation, I laid the foundations of Zece Plus, with a lot of enthusiasm, courage and a little madness, which 2 years later became one of the most important professional training schools of excellence in Romania. Over 30.000 graduates have in their portfolio at least one certificate issued by the Ministry of Education and Research with the help of Zece Plus and I hope that they have also kept the experience of qualitative training, according to their expectations.


14 years later, I laid the foundations of Aidoma project on the solid and fertile ground prepared by Zece Plus, an innovative school in which psycho-education is the sure way to guide anyone from personal knowledge to personal development and perfection.

School of excellence


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