Assessment adults - intelligence test

Assessment adults - intelligence test

Test Information

  • Type of assessment:   Interactive
  • Estimated working time:   30 minutes
  • Assessment number of instruments:   2
  • Fee:   24 €
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  •   is a skill, the ability of the individual of analyzing, making decisions, and acting efficiently capitalizing their own resources. From this point of view, the intelligence is an inborn attribute, a genetic gift, and scientifically it has been named performance intelligence or fluid intelligence;
  •   is a skill, the ability of the individual of developing by accumulating information, experiences and feelings. From this point of view, the intelligence is a dimension acquired along the life and it has been named verbal intelligence or crystallized intelligence;
  •   by combining the inborn and acquired attributes, multiple intelligences result (logic-mathematic, spatial, linguistic, etc), and the individual structure is mainly dominated by an intelligence subordinated to the others.

What is the difference between a child and a teenager with a high IQ and one with a lower IQ!?

The quality of the report Effort = Results achieved, as follows:

  •   High I.Q. means minimum effort, maximum efficiency;
  •   Low I.Q. means maximum effort, minimum efficiency;

We help you find out:

  •   what is the intelligence quotient ( I.Q.), the performance intelligence, the inborn intelligence, that is relatively constant all along the lifetime;
  •   what is the intelligence type that structurally defines them and that radically influences the way of thinking, feeling, making decisions, acting.

How does it help us to know our IQ and what is the dominant intelligence type in terms of skills and cognition ?

  •   radically decreases the vulnerability degree. When we have firm data about ourselves, about our potential, the opinions of the others matter and affect us less;
  •   the self esteem is increased and the self image is strengthened, thus we become more confident and self secure. A study conducted by Cattell, proved that 86% of those who were taking the test to find out the IQ, would score over expectancies;
  •   we better control our fears and thus the adaptation degree is increased, which help us relate better and better cope with distress;
  •   as we are more confident, the professional performance increases. When we are aware of our potential, we know how to capitalize and define our purposes, thus avoiding failure;
  •   a confident person is a balanced person. A balanced person is a HAPPY person !
  •   ... and the list may be continued.

Disadvantages of online testing:

  •   lack of immediate feed-back of the specialist;

Advantages of online testing:

  •   performing the test within the home comfort of the person which eliminates the stress present during test performing in an unfamiliar environment;
  •   choosing the right time to guarantee the efficient application and to get significant results;
  •   the anonymity removes the fear of the test, the fear of the result, the fear of the reactions of those surrounding the subject;
  •   possibility of reevaluation, according to the recommendation of the specialist.


The testing supposes 2 dimensions:

  •   Measuring the IQ through a test that strictly addresses the inborn skills of the child or teenager. There are 5 series of 12 items each, built up by logical associations of images. Maximum working time: 60 minutes. Average working time: 30 minutes.
  •   Identification of the dominant intelligence by applying and individual questionnaire. Average working time: 10 minutes.

Important! The interpretation of the results is personalized, the specialist in psycho-pedagogy assesses the results in terms of quantity and quality, analyzes each test and offers complex scientifically based on arguments and assumed information.

The fee includes:

  •   initial testing of a person in order to determine the IQ and the dominant intelligence type;
  •   a reevaluation as the case might be.

The payment is made through Internet Banking or PayPal, after the submission.

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